The Tricentennial team is comprised of talented and dedicated individuals who are passionate about San Antonio and the 300th anniversary commemoration.  They are responsible for the development and execution of specific Tricentennial events and initiatives that include:

  • Carlos Contreras Interim Executive Director
  • Tonya Baum
    Tonya Baum Events Director
  • Michael Vela
    Michael Vela Special Projects Manager
  • Kristopher Ryan
    Kristopher Ryan Department Accounting Administrator
  • Mark Ramirez
    Mark Ramirez Department Fiscal Supervisor
  • Alyssa Esparza
    Alyssa Esparza Serve 300 SA Coordinator
  • Luisa Casso
    Luisa Casso Corporate Sponsorship Consultant
  • Kristen McIntyre
    Kristen McIntyre VISTA Volunteer Coordinator
  • Navia Sedeno
    Navia Sedeno VISTA Events Coordinator

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