Community Service Project Application

The San Antonio Tricentennial Commission wants to make an impact in San Antonio to kick start the next 300 years through a year-long Community Service Initiative.
The Community Service Initiative will be selecting volunteer projects/events that represent how our communities’ come together to make San Antonio an even better place to call home.

To be considered as a project/event for the Tricentennial Community Service Initiative, submissions must meet the following criteria:
  • Managed by a Nonprofit or Community agency/group (nonprofit, government agency, military, school, faith-based organization, foundations, grass-root or community group or similar organization serving the community)
  • Project/event location must be held within the city of San Antonio/ Bexar County, Texas.
  • Shall reflect the community spirit of San Antonio and Bexar County, and at no time shall damage the reputation or be offensive to the orderly conduct of the Tricentennial celebration.
  • Must be open to the public and shall be conducted so as not to discriminate against any individual on the basis of their race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, disability, national origin or age.
  • Must occur during the time period of the Tricentennial celebration of January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.
  • The project/event must be a new volunteer project/event, expansion of an existing project/event, or associated with an annual community or volunteer event.
  • Staff or Supervisor POC  – (provide guidance, weekly planning, supervision, and who will be accessible during the team’s scheduled service time)
  • New Project/Event – This is defined as a volunteer effort that the nonprofit or community group is not currently supporting or engaged in.
  • Expansion of existing project/event – If the volunteer effort is a current project/event of the nonprofit, it must be an expansion of the nonprofit’s effort to serve a new community in Bexar County, increasing the capacity toserve more residents of Bexar County, or expand the types of services provided to the resident.
  • Annual Community and Volunteer events that are open to the community to volunteer and registered as a Tricentennial Event.
  • The project/event must have financial resources or path for fundraising to acquire necessary materials, tools, and other required resources.
  • New and expansion projects/events need to have a plan for sustainability and how the expansion of services or resources developed will be supported/maintained beyond 2018.
  • Existing Volunteer Base (Not-Required but suggested)
  • Creates a positive and/or lasting impact
  • Showcases our city’s diversity, inclusiveness, and authenticity
  • Defines the Tricentennial identity
  • Identifies financial integrity and viability, timeliness, and transparency
  • Educates and celebrates our shared history, and furthers our legacy
Solicitud para Proyecto/Evento de Servicio Comunitario del Tricentenario
La Comisión del Tricentenario de San Antonio desea tener un impacto positivo en San Antonio, al dar comienzo a nuestros próximos 300 años, por medio de una Iniciativa de Servicios Comunitarios que dure un año entero. La Iniciativa de Servicios Comunitarios seleccionará voluntarios para los proyectos/eventos que sean representativos de cómo nuestras comunidades se unen para hacer de San Antonio un lugar aún mejor al cual poder llamar hogar.


Para ser considerado como un proyecto/evento para la Iniciativa de Servicios Comunitario del Tricentenario, las solicitudes deben cumplir con los siguientes criterios:

  • er controlado por una agencia/grupo sin fines de lucro o comunitario (organización sin fines de lucro, agencia gubernamental, militar, escolar, religiosa, fundaciones, grupo de base u organización similar de servicios a la comunidad)
  • El proyecto/evento debe ser un nuevo proyecto/evento de servicios voluntarios, extensión de un proyecto/evento existente, o estar asociado con evento anual de servicios voluntarios de la comunidad.
  • Proyecto/Evento Nuevo — Esto significa que es un esfuerzo de servicios voluntarios en el cual el grupo sin fines de lucro o comunitario no está actualmente apoyando o involucrado.
  • Extensión de un proyecto/evento existente – Si el esfuerzo de servicios voluntarios es un proyecto/evento actual de la organización sin fines de lucro, debe extender el esfuerzo de la organización sin fines de lucro de servir a una nueva comunidad dentro del Condado de Bexar, aumentar la capacidad de servir a más residentes del Condado de Bexar, o extender los tipos de servicios proporcionados a los residentes.
  • Eventos Anuales de Servicios de la Comunidad que estén disponibles a la comunidad para servicios voluntarios e inscrito como un Evento del Tricentenario.
  • El proyecto/evento debe tener los recursos financieros, o la capacidad de recaudar los fondos, para adquirir los materiales, herramientas y otros recursos necesarios.
  • Los proyectos/eventos nuevos y de extensión necesitan contar con un plan de sostenibilidad y un plan de cómo la extensión de los servicios o recursos desarrollados serán apoyados/sostenidos más allá del 2018.

Please complete the fields below and submit with the required supporting documents by August 1st, 2017. Applications will be reviewed by the Tricentennial Community Service Committee. If your organization is submitting more than one service project for consideration as an official Tricentennial event, please list all activities included in the proposed series. Please note that being chosen as an official Tricentennial event does not include a funding commitment from the Tricentennial Commission. Please be advised that if you do not receive a message that says thank you for your submission, you may be missing some required fields that will be in red. 

For questions please contact 210.207.7232 to make sure that your application was submitted.