As we approach 2018, the Tricentennial Office is engaging with local communities to invite individuals to get involved with volunteer and community service projects. Through partnership and coordination with local non-profit organizations, the Tricentennial year will have many opportunities for you to help on capacity-building projects that will have a positive impact on people’s lives.

The Tricentennial Commission will carry out four Serve 300 SA ‘days’ throughout 2018. These four opportunities will fall within each quarter of the year. Several service projects will take place on the designated Serve 300 SA day in various locations throughout San Antonio. The service projects correspond to four categories: Infrastructure Improvement – February 17, Access to Care/Family Well-Being – May 1-6, Education Support – August 4, and Environment – October 13. These Serve 300 SA days will directly impact the non-profits, community agencies, groups, and Serve 300 SA Volunteers within the Tricentennial Community Service Initiative.


Let’s raise the tide of volunteerism throughout San Antonio in 2018! Sign up below to volunteer!
Tricentennial is identifying community projects and will help match volunteers and volunteer groups to projects based on need and demand. Tricentennial volunteers will assist with special events and community service projects. Initial orientation and training for volunteers was held in October 2017, additional opportunities will be made available based on need.
Volunteers registered as of September 1, 2017: 11,000 and growing.

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