How do I submit my event to be placed on the calendar?

The open period for event submissions ended last year in 2017. However, recognizing that there are many great events that are happening throughout San Antonio during the Tricentennial year that might have met that planning timeline, the Tricentennial Commission is evaluating events on a case-by-case basis. The Commission established a new set of guidelines to guide its decision making, based on featuring events that are truly unique to the Tricentennial year.

For a partner application and instructions on how to apply, please email Navia Sedeno at or 210-207-2300.

How will our Community Partner events be supported by the Tricentennial?

The Tricentennial is excited to welcome more than 500 organizations as official Tricentennial Community Partners with more than 700 official sanctioned events.  We are committed to ensuring your event is highlighted through several promotional efforts including event listings on:

*   SA300 Website
*   Official Tricentennial Guide –distribution dates of December 2017, March 2018, and Fall 2018
*   Calendar listing on the Tricentennial app
*   A monthly press release distributed by the Tricentennial that includes the Community Partner events for that month

What logo are we able to use to promote our events?

The Tricentennial Community Partner logo and branding guidelines can be found at TRICENTENNIAL TOOLKIT. Locate the file Tricentennial Logos folder and the zip file Official 300 Community Partner logo. As a reminder, the Tricentennial Office must approve any materials that include the logo and should be sent to:

What is the process for approving our organization’s marketing materials?

Please send Community Partner marketing materials to  We ask for a 1-week turnaround time to review materials.  Materials will be reviewed every Tuesday.

How do I secure the Tricentennial booth/speaker at our event?

We appreciate the excitement in including the Tricentennial at your event.  We will make every effort for event presence as time and resources allow.

Please send your request for event presence with 30 days advance notice to

Please submit the online form to request a speaker from the Tricentennial here:

Can we have Tricentennial volunteers at our events?

Tricentennial volunteers have been recruited to support the Serve 300 SA programming throughout 2018. We are proud of the more than 400 Serve 300 community service projects scheduled.

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