San Antonio and Bexar County in Texas is one of the oldest and most unique communities in the United States. From its earliest legacy as home to the indigenous Payaya people and municipal founding by Canary Islanders, centuries of ever expanding Spanish colonial rule, Mexican authority, and German and other immigration have fueled a 21st-century reputation as a role model international city. Long known for vibrant economic development and a richly diverse cultural heritage, the story of San Antonio and its sister cities within Bexar County is if full of surprises from the past and lessons for the future. By exploring the key themes that have defined it over many centuries, alongside richly told and colorfully illustrated vignettes of the iconic moments, people, and places in its history,

300 Years of the San Antonio & Bexar Story

Captures the celebrated yet conflicted story of a cohesive community that has successfully embraced its distinct identities and histories.

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