300 Years of San Antonio and Bexar County captures the iconic stories, moments, people, and places that define one of the oldest communities in the United States. A collection of diverse authors joined forces to produce this richly illustrated and complexly woven thematic telling of the city’s history. From its earliest legacy as home to many indigenous peoples to its municipal founding by the Canary Islanders, a convergence of people from across the globe have settled, sacrificed, and successfully shaped the culture of San Antonio. The result is a 21st-century community that strives to balance diverse heritage with a vibrant economy thanks to stories from the past that provide lessons for the future.

 “San Antonio at three hundred is the capital of what American will be.”

– John Phillip Santos, Epilogue – The San Antonio Story at Three-Hundred and Beyond.

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As part of the Tricentennial Commission’s Legacy gift, over 900 copies of the book “300 Years of San Antonio and Bexar County” were donated to 12 universities, 31 libraries, and 416 public schools in Bexar County.

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