In 2018, San Antonio and Bexar County will commemorate its 300th anniversary. History and education, arts and culture, and community service will be at the forefront of initiatives that will reflect on our storied past, celebrate our current achievements, and prepare the community for the next 300 years.

The Tricentennial Commission was founded in 2015

San Antonio’s 300th anniversary is an opportunity to discover our shared cultural heritage, commemorate our storied history, recognize our progress, and collaborate on our bright future.

Tricentennial Guiding Principles

Creates a positive and/or lasting impact

Showcases our diversity, inclusiveness, and authenticity

Defines the Tricentennial identity

Identifies financial integrity and viability, timeliness, and transparency

Educates and celebrates our shared history, and furthers our legacy

Commemorative Week

May 1 – 6, 2018 is designated as Commemorative Week, to celebrate key milestones exactly 300 years later: On May 1, 1718 the Mission San Antonio de Valero – later known as the Alamo – was established. Four days later the Presidio San Antonio de Bejár was formed to protect the new mission. San Antonio’s five area missions are Texas’ only UNESCO World Heritage site and will be at the forefront of many activities during the Tricentennial year. Before the missions were built, the area was inhabited by the Payaya people and known by them as Yanaguana. San Antonio’s multicultural history will be honored during the Commemorative Week.

Tricentennial Events

More than 500 Tricentennial Community Partners are joining the celebration by hosting over 700 events sanctioned as official Tricentennial activities. These activities and events represent celebrations of San Antonio’s arts, culture, heritage, and community.

Save the date, better yet, save the year.

It’s San Antonio’s welcoming spirit, cultural richness, and competitive edge that makes us a progressive, modern city and a reflection of what the country will look like in the future. Whether you have lived in San Antonio all your life, a few years, or are just visiting, please join us and be a part of a moment that you’ll never forget.

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